Residential & Commercial

- Program Highlights -

  1. We can cover: buildings; contents, equipment, business interruption; coc; and mobile homes. We do not insure: licensed vehicles; aircraft; or watercraft.

  2. We can cover these properties anywhere in the United States.

  3. Depending on the individual risk, or the your loan portfolio, we can provide “special form” or “named perils” coverages. We can also include separate coverage for flood.

  4. Losses can be paid on a replacement cost basis, actual cash value, or outstanding loan balance depending on the individual risk or loan portfolio. There is no coinsurance.

  5. The policy is written with an “A” rated carrier.

  6. For individual and smaller risks, three(3), six(6), and twelve(12) month policies are available. For risks written under a master policy on a reporting basis, rates & premiums are charged on a “per diem” (daily) basis.

  7. For smaller risks, short, easy to complete applications are provided. For larger risks with a master policy, short order forms are provided, or you can go online and order the insurance yourself.

  8. For larger risks, a program can be “customized” to accommodate your company’s particular needs.